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Thursday June 29th
8 PM – 9:30 PM

High Performance PT invites you to join NYPT Health & Rehab for a lesson in techniques for self defense. NYPT has partnered with skilled martial arts specialist, John Steiner, to hold a 90 minute class designed to teach useful techniques that can be used for fitness as well as self defense. The class will incorporate all fitness levels and is guaranteed to get your heart pumping and your bodies moving! Several of our providers will be attending the class and available for any questions afterwards.

The class is open to all and costs only $10 per person. Spots will fill up quickly, so be sure to register and secure yours today! Get healthy, get moving and defend yourself! Click here to claim your spot!

About the Instructor

John Henry Steiner is a martial artist and self-defense instructor. His teachers have been world champion competitors and experts in military, law enforcement, and personal protection. He holds the ranks of black belt in jujitsu and blue belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He has trained in Muay Thai, western boxing, karate, Aikido, Philipino martial arts, Southern Mantis, tai-chi, Krav Maga, zen meditation, and yoga. He has worked as a counselor in mental health facilities, a truck driver, a doorman, a bartender, and a line cook. He believes that martial arts can be a powerful tool for developing human potential and overcoming personal challenges. His goal is to communicate universal concepts as functional skills that can be learned, understood, and applied effectively by anyone.